Ns3 video tutorials

Note: Please check the nsnam website for any reference. This work is not by nsnam but this work is to help the community of researchers or anyone who is interested in learning ns3.

In this section, we are trying to help research community. Most of the researcher wants to learn Ns3 but there is a lack of resource. Hope we will able to contribute some good stuff to the community.

Video 1 : Introduction to ns3 and gathering required tools

This video is about introduction to ns3 and gathering required tools to set our research in action.

Video 2 : installation of ubuntu on vmware player for ns3

In this video tutorial of ns3 we will learn about the installation of ubuntu. Although installing ubuntu on vmplayer is not a big deal, but still we aspect no problem to any user.

Video 3 : installation of ns3 and solving problems

(Watch video 4 too before getting started with installation of ns3)

command used in the video:

sudo apt-get install gcc g++ python python-dev mercurial bzr gdb valgrind gsl-bin libgsl0-dev libgsl0ldbl flex bison tcpdump sqlite sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev libxml2 libxml2-dev libgtk2.0-0 libgtk2.0-dev uncrustify doxygen graphviz imagemagick texlive texlive-latex-extra texlive-generic-extra texlive-generic-recommended texinfo dia texlive texlive-latex-extra texlive-extra-utils texlive-generic-recommended texi2html python-pygraphviz python-kiwi python-pygoocanvas libgoocanvas-dev python-pygccxml

This video will help about the installation of ns3 and most importantly solving the dependency issues. We recommend to install all dependencies so that future problems can be avoided. But for beginners, you can simply watch video 4 and install ns3 with just a couple libraries installed.

Video 4 : running first script in ns3 and installation shortcut

This video will help you to get a shortcut to install ns3 as well as we will run two example scripts to verify the success of the installation.

Video 5: installation of netanim in ns3 and testing on first file

This video is about installation of netanim in ns3 and testing on first.cc file. We will configure netanim and make some changes in first.cc file so that we can get our output in a xml file, that can be used to test animation.